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The Graphic team at MOBILE STUDIOS can tackle a wide range of needs - we can design your titling and motion graphics or visualise a mock-up product in 3D.

movie film poster cover print flyer

Cover Art

ready to advertise

To promote and market your final movie You may need to create some print ready COVER ART WORK and a MOVIE POSTERS. We at MOBILE STUDIOS can help you design and produce engaging advertising material that reflects the look of the film and incorporates your brand identity as good as possible. 

film graphic motion titel text video

Motion Graphics

titling and more

Our graphic designers at MOBILE STUDIOS understand the need of extra ordinary TITLING DESIGN and MOTION GRAPHICS to make your production stand out even more. We are happy to help you in the creative process to find a complimenting theme that underlines the mood of Your film.

3d modeling product

3D Design

visualise the non existing

Often movie makers run into the problem that they need to add a missing prop or commercial product to a scene that is to expensive to hire, impossible to get or just non existing in reality. Our 3D ARTISTS can help you tackle this problem with high class computer animated objects.

motion graphic design
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