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we’re all about the movies

With our rich history in cinematography, postproduction and classic print design MOBILE STUDIOS has evolved to a trailblazer in modern video production, marketing and services. In a New age of digital media applications, marketing approaches change but with MOBILE STUDIOS as a partner you will have easy access to all the tools you need.

Concept and Storyboarding

We can help you develop the first Ideas for your next video production

storyboard concept idea film video

Line Production and Location Scouting

April 12, 2018

location scouting tyrol austria film production video commercial spot mountain

Camera and Rigging Department

We can provide a wide range of film services - up on the mountains and high in the air.

fil production video operator filming services camera Innsbruck Tyrol Austria

Aerial Camera Department

Capture 100% legal aerial footage

drone aerial film video filming service production company legal certified

Editing and Grading Studio

Cut and finish your next video in our Studio in Innsbruck Austria

video film editing studio Innsbruck Tyrol Austria studio production company

Graphics, Titling and More

We can provide top of the line titeling, motion graphics and 3d product animation

film video titling motion graphic designe innsbruck tirol Filmposter Film Cover

Custom Music and Sound Design

We provide high end audio finishes , custom composed music and sound design

audio design composition video film production Innsbruck Tyrol Austria
film production departments
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