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Du hast alles im Kasten und musst jetzt den Film schneiden? Unsere Schnittmeister bei MOBILE STUDIOS haben alle Werkzeuge die man braucht um ein hoch qualitatives Ergebnis zu erzielen.


Filmproduktion Schnitt Studio editing Farbkorrektur

Editing and Grading

we cut your film

We at MOBILE STUDIOS can edit and colour grade your next video production on the highest level. Our in house editors are used to work on large scale projects that need to deliver in TV specs and for cinema projection. 

Farbkorrektur film video filmproduktion videoproduktion werbefilm werbevideo studio Innsbruck Tirol Österreich

Industry standard Tools

choose the software

Our editing and grading suite offers a windows based 32-core workstation capable to run the latest Adobe Premiere or Davinci Resolve software or Final Cut on a specced out Apple Mac Pro. All our computers can access more than 160 TB of fast server storage to host the largest projects. 

Schnittstudio mieten digitalerschnitt videoschnitt filmschnitt filmproducktion werbung kurzfilm

Rent our Editing Studio

edit yourself

Do you need to edit your film or create lots of dailies during the night? We are renting out several editing stations as well as our editing and grading suit in Innsbruck, Austria with and without editor. Please contact us so we can discuss your technical requirements.

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