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Eine Szene aus der Luftperspektive einzuleiten kann ein interessanter Mehrwert für deine nächst Produktion sein. Wir bei MOBILE STUDIOS können Dir einen gesetzlich legalen Dronen Service für Luftbildaufnamen in Österreich, Schweiz und Italien bieten.


dji x7 lenses web.png

Aerial Camera

6k raw Recording

Our standard drone camera is the DJI X5S that shoots 5.2K at 30fps and 4k at 60fps on a micro 4/3 sensor and can accept different prime lenses. This light weight solution that offer longer flight time. To capture in highest quality we use the DJI X7 hat shoots 6K at 30fps and 4k at 60fps on a micro low noise super35 sensor and can accept four prime lenses. Both cameras can record DNG raw or APPLE proress and DNxHD codex.

inspire 2 web.png

Drone Platforms

Move your Camera in the Air

We use the DJI INSPIRE 2 drone system that offers up to 30 minutes flight time with the X5S camera and up to 24 minutes with the more heavy X7 camera. Our Drones are registered with the institutions in charge to fly legally in Austria, Switzerland and Italy.

x7 camera web.png

Legal Locations

don´ t brake the Law

Bringing drones on set you need to be in line with the local laws by 100%. We at MOBILE STUDIOS know all the regulations and are registered and certified to operate in Austria, Switzerland and Italy. We will handle lift off permissions and insurance to be able to operate legally.

aerial drone filming
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