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Wir können einen weiten Bereich verschiedenster Kamera Arbeiten mit unserem Team abdecken und sind darauf spezialisiert höchsten Anforderungen in alpinem Gelände gerecht zu werden.

camera production equippment


ronin 2 web.png


rock steady motion

Everybody at MOBILE STUDIOS is in love with moving shots so when the first hand held gimbals started to show up we straight embraced this new technical possibility. Years passed by and this first fragile machines evolved to industry standard tools that can´t be missed on modern Film sets. With the Ronin 2 gimbal we can offer high precision stabilisation for heavy cameras like RED WEAPON or ALEXA MINI with PL zoom lens.

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Camera Systems

choose a brand

The DOPs at MOBILE STUDIOS are trained to operate a wide range of industry standard cameras available from Rental Houses around the world but we can also offer you our filming services including our studio owned RED DRAGON and ALEXA MINI cameras that can either be equipped with PL or CANON mount optics.



stable camera motion

Realising a moving shot can usually achieved in different ways. The most accessible and economic way is to use a handheld gimbal stabiliser but this is just where the real fun starts. Hard mounting gimbals to any kind of moving platform ups the camera game to the next level - let us help you choose the right way to move your camera with gimbal on set with a cable cam, car mount, crane or open doors with a helicopter.

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