High Quality Audio

Wenn Du deinen eigenen Sound Track komponieren oder deinem Video mehr Ausdruck mit Audio Effekten geben willst können wir die MOBILE STUDIOS Tonabteilung ins Spiel bringen. Wir helfen Dir gerne mit jeglichen Fragen zu Ton und Audio.

Location and Studio Recording

High Quality Audio

High quality audio recordings are a very important for a professional feel of YOUR film - that´s why we at MOBILE STUDIOS always prefer to bring a dedicated AUDIO RECORDIST on set. We also offer VOICE OVER recording sessions in our Studio in Innsbruck. 

Custome Sound Designe

Composed to Your Taste

If You want to have Your custom SOUND TRACK composed or are looking for a not of the shelve AUDIO for your next 30 second commercial, we would be happy to assist you ! We have been working on our own SOUND TRACKS for several years so we know a lot of artists and audio related agencies who we can involve.

Final Audio Mastering

Just Sounds Good

Does your Final Video Master need to be delivered with specific audio settings? The AUDIO PROFESSIONALS at MOBILE STUDIOS will do the final mix down of your audio tracks at any given delivery specifications.